15 December 2003

Working Weekend

I got up nice and early Saturday morning and started the washing. You wouldn't think two people would need to do so many loads!! I got most of it out of the way by lunchtime. I wanted to spend some serious time on the cushion. Only problem was it was really hot. Which, don't get me wrong, I love. But its not really stitching weather. Anyway, I put in a few good hours. They were real fiddly bits so I didn't seem to make much progress. We pretty sick of it by about 6pm. Also my finger were really sore, from pulling the wool through.

Didn't get anything done on Sunday until about 7pm. Managed to get another few hours in. Seemed to make more progress as there was more void in the middle section where I was working.

Last night for Survivor tonight. I will have to avoid the usual spoiler places. Can't wait to see the reunion ep, I bet the first question Geoff asks is about the big lie.