11 January 2004

Busy Weekend and Goldwork

We went and saw LOTR: Return of the King bright and early Saturday morning. I really enjoyed it, the three hours went quickly. I have to say the end was a bit weak. I was disappointed that they left out the Hobbits regaining control of the Shire from the Men, but the ending did seem just a bit of a let down. On the whole though, I would say that the three films are an outstanding bit of movie making and as true to the books as a series of movies it likely to get.

We then came home for a couple of hours, I checked my mail and then we were off again to a 16th Birthday party. Had a late BBQ tea. Was pretty tired when I got home at about 10pm, no time yesterday for any sewing.

Adam is off helping someone buy a computer from the computer markets. I am home cleaning up the house. I have a few more loads of washing to go. Then I have to get ready to go to Barony meeting. With a bit of luck other people might show up this week.

As I was laying in bed this morning trying to motivate myself to get up, I was thinking about my goldwork course. I haven't done anything with it yet, and I was lying there really wanting to get started. I might pull it out tonight and put the materials for the first asiignment on the hoop. I was also thinking about my two unfinished projects. They both only require making up, so I think my target for this week will be to get these two done. That way when I start my goldwork it will be a clean slate. I also have to do one small WCOB project, but there really isn't a deadline for that, but I would like to get it done by Festival in April.