9 January 2004

Long Hot Summer

Well the weather finally caught up with me last night. I went into the bedroom when we got home from work to change into something a bit cooler. I laid down on the bed and woke up 5 hours later. I must've been more tired than I thought. I am feeling much better today, I really needed the extra shut eye.

On the other hand due to this unplanned slumber, I didn't do anything on my chemise last night. Hopefully I will do tonight. I also have to add some hook and eyes to my dress. The lacing works pretty good but there are a couple of gaps that need the more solid support of the hook and eyes (that and they are cheaper and easier to get than lacing rings!).

On a side note, Spotlight got in a new supply of the lacing rings and they sold out in a week and won't get anymore for two months. You would think that when you constantly sell out of something YOU WOULD ORDER MORE THE NEXT TIME!!!