3 January 2004

Dress is Finished! (Well, Almost)

I've been taking it a bit easier today. Done some washing and folding of clothes, getting ready to go back to work on monday. I put together my mauve camp dress and put the trim on it. I am tossing up whether or not to put another thin band of trim just on the inside of the wider one. Also, my plans to tart up the trim didn't work. The fancy stitching didn't show up enough, so that saved me some time. I will put the lacing rings on tonight and then start on the blackwork on the chemise. I am still deciding if I will do more embroidery on this one. I want to get it finished but I also want to show off my embroidery as well. I think I will end up doing some, just have to work out the pattern. I might do the designing between now and tea.

On a bummer note, the tunic I made for John didn't fit!! Bugger. So looks like the Barony Hospitaller is going to score a pretty fancy tunic for the newbies. Ah well, it should stand up to the treatment it will get (except maybe for the trim, but that is easy fixed).

By way of celebration of having a complete Elizabethan outfit (remember, headwear is already done!), I am posting my attempt at drafting a blackwork pattern. This is from a portrait of Jane Seymour. There are two almost identical portraits, the only difference being the pattern on the cuff of her chemise. The wider pattern has been available on the net for a while, but I've never seen the other one done up. So here is my interpretation. I have no idea how it sew up or if its fully reversible. But I think its cute.