2 January 2004


Seemed to do alot of stuffing about yesterday. I cut out my chemise, got most of that overlocked and seemed. I finished off the decoration on John's other sleeve. I went to Spotlight today and got all the bits and pieces to finish most of the projects off. I can now sew down the facing on John's tunic. Once that is done I will put it all together. Then I will probably do some embellishment around the facing. It shouldn't take too long. I think its going to look very snazzy when its done. I plan to spent this arvo putting the chemise together. Then I can do some fake lace around the neckline and when I get the pattern drawn up, do a nice floral scroll around the neckline as well. If I get that done, I will then put the black trim around my dress and sew that up. I bought just plain cotton tape, which I am going to tart up by using a decorative stitch on my sewing machine. It's not an embroidery machine, but it has a nice sort of herringbone variation on it, that I will do in rayon thread. This will hopefully make the cotton tape look a bit more special, while keeping the price down. Then tonight, I will sew down the binding on my corset. With a bit of luck, by the time I go back to work on monday I will have a functioning Elizabethan outfit!! If I do that, I will be most pleased with holidays.

Thanks to Linn, I am inspired to sew to the sounds of Piaf today.