1 January 2004

Happy New Year

Well, we had a pretty quiet NYE. Some of Adams' friends came down and they played D and D. We walked down to the beach to watch the fireworks at 9pm. I love fireworks, they are most cool. Not so good for the animals though, lots of poor puppies were barking madly.

I haven't been doing too much since I last posted. I have been making a tunic for Adams' cousin John. He borrowed stuff from the Hospitaller at Spring War and it was embarrassing!!! So I am doing a nice burgandy and khaki tunic. I got a bit carried away with the decoration around the collar and cuffs, but it looks really cool. With a bit of luck I will have that done tommorrow.

I also worked on my corset and a new dress. The corset is looking OK but I really need someone who knows what they are doing to help me make another one that is fitted properly. The dress I had to add some interlining to. I've never done that before but was told it does help. I think it does sit better. That is also almost finished. I need some black ribbon or tape to decorate it. I think it will be easier to sew on before the dress is put together. But I don't have any and the shops are shut today. So I need to go to Spotlight tomorrow to pick up some cotton, some embroidery thread and some ribbon. Once I do that I should be able to finish of the three almost done things. I will also try to pick up some lining for my cloak. Again, almost done.

Today I am going to start making a smock. That shouldn't take to long. I should get most of it done today. Then I need to do the embroidery around the neckline and cuffs. That shouldn't take too long as I am going to keep it simple and probably not counted, which will make things easier and faster. Then I should have a complete Elizabethan outfit done. I need to get more clothes made for Festival. At the moment I only have one outfit, I need at least five for Festival which is at Easter. I am keeping everything in linen at the moment (or linen/cotton blend which was on sale for $2m!). Since its a camping event I don't want anything too nice. I like the idea of something I can just chuck in the washing machine.

As far as New Year's resolutions, not this year. I never keep them anyway. I will stick with some goals instead, eat better, keep up the exercise, be involved in more stuff to get out of the house. I hope the New Year brings great things for everyone!! ;-)