2 February 2004

I'v Been Busy

Hi Everyone, yes I am still alive. I've been busy working on my winter dress for Festival. Its getting there. Just got to finish off the sleeves, shoulder wings (which is a 5 min job), the waist tab and the skirt. With a bit of luck I should be finished by the weekend. Then I can start on my chemises. Once those three are out of the way I should be in a much better position for Festival.

I did do some embroidery related stuff. I started to set the frame for my Goldwork assignments. I will probably finish that tonight and get started on the actual assignments. I don't plan on spending too much time on them. At this stage I just want to get them done.

Also, I caved in big time and bought the mega cat scratching post. My Dad was down from the bush to get his ute serviced so it was too good of an opportunity to miss. It's all Jennies' fault! ;-)