19 February 2004

More Motifs

I am busily stitching up some 17th Century spot motifs for my Baroness. She won't be going to our big SCA event, Festival, as she is at any moment about to give birth. So she asked me if I could make her some small embroidered pieces to be sent as gifts to the other Baronesses. I said no. Then I felt guilty. So now I am madly sewing to get them done. I have 10 done, which is enough, but I want to finish a few more, so that there are some spares. With a bit of luck, I should have them nearly done tonight. That will give me time to wash them, then press, make into bags, fill with nice smelling stuff and sew some needlelace around the edges. If you are interested, here are some similar things I've made before, they are the florals done on linen in stem stitch. This time I am doing them on white linen and doing the needlelace in the same colour as the embroidery: