10 February 2004

The Winds of Change

Well, after a fairly busy weekend (sewing, test pitching my tent - which the cats LOVED!, going to Baronial meeting etc), I started my new (sort of) job. I will basically be doing the same thing, for the same people, just in a more inconvenient place. I was in a temporary room Monday, cause they were painting my new room (which I share with 3 other people). Today I am in the new room, but the painting continues so I have a lung full of paint fumes at the moment. I don't have my computer fully set up, so work isn't happening. I also had to move a few boxes of stuff over from the old office. The weather has been very hot, it hasn't been under 30 for a week, with hotter temperatures predicted for the rest of the week, may even get up to over 40 here on the coast. So, all in all, not a good week for sewing. The weekend is shaping up to be even busier. I might get a little bit done on Saturday as there is a tourney on, which will involve a certain amount of sitting around (hopefully in the shade). So I will get a couple of no-brainer things onto a frame ready for the weekend.