23 April 2004

Red is Pretty

Anne - Don't get me wrong!! I think it looks great when its done, but this just seems to be going really slowly! But in most of the cross stitch blogs that I read, the one thing everyone seems to dread doing on any project is a large amount of backstitch! Everyone does it, cause it does make things look better, but I don't think people enjoy doing it.

On the stitching front. Was in more of a groove last night, got a couple more hours done. Finished off the black outlining on one side of the sheath and filled in the middle flower in red and yellow. Just need to do the tips in white and that flower is done (leaving it till last so it doesn't get dirty). I will get the other flowers done tonight, they don't take long at all. Then I have to make a decision about the background and the gold. Still leaning to dark blue for the background.