7 May 2004

Silver Background

I have put in a few hours doing the background. I chose to use a silver sewing thead, DMC Fil de something or other. The coverage isn't great, but that is to be expected with metallic thread. So to give a more solid cover I am laying down two lengths of thread horizontally and then sewing goblien stitch over that. This does give better coverage of the silver but adds a bit too much bulk to the sewing, too much texture. When you see the extant examples, the silver thread is usually very flat. Not sure how they did it. Anyway, I don't think I like the silver background that much. I really need to find some sweet bag examples done in all silk thread. I'm sure I've seen one somewhere, I just can't remember where exactly.

At this stage though, I will carry on with the silver thread and finish the sheath. The only thing I might do is to the other background in gold. Have to think about that one.