2 May 2004

Tourney Day

Well, its been a long day. The May Day Tourney was on today. That meant I was over town pretty early, at about 11.30am. I stopped in at Spotlight to pick up some interfacing. That was until I saw the line, it was huge, it hasn't been that bad for a while. So I picked up a few things in the notions section and went to the Tourney.

I thought it was going to be cold but it wasn't too bad at all. There was an Elizabethan picnic lunch, I only nibbled but the custard tarts were pretty good and Morwenna's biscuits were just evil!! (In a good way, that is!). The tourney went pretty quickly. I thought I was going to do some heralding but someone else was wearing the tabard when I got there so I wasn't going to argue!

I took some embroidery to do but never really got the chance. There was a quick Court at the end of the day and few things were given out. A very pleasent day all round. Got home and vegged out, couldn't be bothered picking up any sewing. But I will definately do some tomorrow. I want to get the leaf finished. I would like to get it done this week as I found out at Court that we are doing the Shakespeare Festival up at Glouchester this year. So I will be going to that, as that is where by Dad lives and I can have a visit with him and not have to get Adam to drive me.