7 June 2004

Handout Coming Along

I finally sat down at the computer on Saturday afternoon (after being harassed all morning by two cute but persistant cats). I managed to get 8 pages done for my handout on Anglo-Saxon clothing. This is a very rough first draft, just getting all my thoughts down on paper. I spent Saturday night entertaining my Dad. Well, not that much entertaining, he just watched TV. Where he lives they only have satellite TV and he only gets stations from Central Australia. So he knows all the goings on in Alice Springs but not what is happening an hour down the road! He came down cause he wanted to buy a new computer from the computer markets on Sunday. While we were siting there, I started to do the key hole neckline designs. I am basing them on a contemporaneous Insular manuscript, the Codex Eyckensis also from 10thC Northern England. I have done 6 keyhole necklines so far. I will need to do matching straight lines of the patterns, which would be used on cuffs and hems. We have a long weekend this weekend, so I hope to get a good start on the embroidery for my keyhole neckline, which I will be entering in the next WCOB competition.