11 July 2004

The Day After

I was up early and was dressed and headed to the kitchens to help with breakfast by 7.30am. I am an early riser and get bored easy so I figured helping was a good a choice as any! So did a bit of lugging and drying of dishes. One advantage is if you help in the kitchen, you get first go at the food (if so inclined, most people who do the cooking at always the last to eat, if at all!). So I was second in line for bacon and eggs. I was starving so they tasted great. Then it was back to the kitchen for more work. Once breakfast was done, I did some cleaning up in the hall, clearing tables and packing chairs.

Adam came to get me at 10am. Then we were off. It was a good weekend. Back home, I had good intentions about cleaning up and doing washing but it didn't happen. After dinner, more embroidery and then bed.