22 July 2004

Scissors, Web Development and Projects

Thanks for everyones comments. The scissors, I'm sure, will turn up as soon as I buy another pair! I hate loosing things. I am the sort of person who doesn't loose things. My sister is, she was always loosing things. But not me, so I think I find it doubly frustrating when I loose something.

I went to a Macromedia demo today for work, I love Macromedia, I definately have to upgrade my Dreamweaver to MX 2004, the CSS stuff looks cool. And we saw this thing called RoboDemo that allows you to make little help movies and simulations. Looks like it would be most useful.

On the embroidery front, nothing for the last couple of days. I finally managed to get my room tidied up after the mess it had become over the last few weeks. Hopefully, now I can actually see the desk, I might be able to get motivated and get a couple of new projects underway. If I can get my hands on some fine calf skin, I want to make a pair of Elizabethan gauntlets. But what I really need, is some red silk twill, to make some Holy Roman Empire gloves.