12 September 2004

Officers Meeting and Anglo-Saxon Cuffs

Our Barony officers meeting was on today, so we had to be there by noon. Surprisingly, the majority of people showed up and on time (no small feat for the SCA). It actuallly went pretty quickly and we got alot of things discussed. I'm the new Arts and Sciences officer, so since not much has been happening with A & S, I've got to pretty much start from scratch. So I have to come up with a timetable for running competitions, categories for competitions and prizes. I am thinking bi-monthly comps plus some sort of A & S comp at every tourney. Any suggestions welcome!

I have done about 6 hours on my Anglo-Saxon cuffs so far. That makes them about 1/4 finished. So they seem to be going alot faster than the collar. I think its just cause its on a smaller frame and I can only see a bit at a time! Progress pics below.

The two cuffs, one in outline, the other filled in.

Detail of the split stitch filling.