15 September 2004

Warwick Shirt Motif

I decided to embroider one of the motifs from the Warwick Shirt and make it up into a scent pouch and send it to the very helpful lady at the Museum. It is approx 2" square. Here it is, it took about an hour to do:

I am getting very tempted to make this shirt. However, a couple of things are holding me back. I figure there is about 150 hours of stitching. Not that big a turnoff. But the other thing is, I don't like to copy directly from an existing item, I like to use it as an inspiration and adapt it to my needs. But I really like the design of this shirt, maybe I could add in additional motifs? Also, I am tossing up whether I should do it in the original red or go for black, partly for practical reasons, the red silk thread I use bleeds and the black doesn't.