15 November 2004

BlogExplosion - Some Thoughts

Firstly, I have to say I'm surprised. I've only been signed up for a couple of days and I have already seen a significant amount of traffic directed to the site via BlogExplosion.

Secondly, while I've seen this increase in traffic, is it quality traffic? Please, don't get me wrong!! I'm not talking about the visitors but rather how much they actually read the blog. BlogExplosion visitors, please leave me a comment or two to let me know what you think of the BlogExplosion method of increasing traffic.

Finally, I might as well try and get some feedback from these new found visitors. So what can I do to improve the blog, especially if you are a non-needlework person?

UPDATE: OK, I stand corrected!! My first comment about the quality of visits supplied by BlogExplosion came within 2 mintues of the post being made to the blog! I'd like to thank everyone who has commented so far.

UPDATE 2: To all my new visitors. I just realised that Nov has been a pretty boring month for me and the blog, so if you'd like to get a better idea of what my blog is usually like, please check out the archive for October, it's much more interesting, with lots of pictures and links.