19 November 2004

Embroidery for Clothing - Anglo-Saxon Handout Now Available

Well, after much drafting and redrafting, the first part of the Embroidery for Clothing series, Anglo-Saxon is now available for download.

There are two versions of the Embroidery for Clothing - Anglo-Saxon handout, the first is formatted for A4 paper and the second is formatted for Letter sized paper (this is the ones that Americans need to use). It is 24 pages with 10 pages of patterns.

Because of the file sizes involved (3.6mb), I have had to make the files available using an email list - needle_prayse_notify. This is a notify only list, that is, mail is only sent to the list when a new file or resource is made available. So it is likely to only be a few messages a year.

So, if you go to:

And sign up, you can download the file.