3 December 2004

Historical Embroidery Swap or Stitch Along?

As I read all the cross stitch blogs, I see some nice ornaments and stitch alongs that they do. It would be nice to have something similar for those interested in historical embroidery. I was thinking we could maybe do small project and swap amongst ourselves or perhaps a stitch along where we do a specific technique or stitch per month. At the end of say 12 months, we end up with a sampler of stitches, patterns and techniques that can be shown to other people, especially beginners. It's one thing to show people a picture in a book and another to show them a real life example. It might take three peices of fabric - silk for goldwork, linen for surface stitching and evenweave linen for counted work. If anyone is interested in any of these ideas, leave a comment and we can see what we come up with.