19 December 2004

Open Road

When I was trying to get my hours up for driving, I organised to drive up to Gloucester to visit my Dad. It's a fair drive (1.5hr) each way. And cause it's Dad's birthday this week, it sort of killed two birds with one stone. However, we had to get a bit done to the car first, a couple of new tyres was the first one we fixed. The drive went OK, except that it was very warm (37 degs C). Adam doesn't like the heat, personally, I like driving in that sort of weather. I think because it reminds me of the summer holidays we used to drive down to visit my Nan and Pop in Melbourne.

Anyway, we got up there by about 1.30pm, had some lunch, chatted, gave Dad his present and checked out the house they have bought and are doing up to rent out. Looking pretty good.

No embroidery today, too hot and we have visitors so it was Scrabble instead.