31 December 2004

Shopping and A Bit of Excitement

I went shopping today. I had a few things to pick up at Spotlight. I ended up with most of them but I am still trying to hunt down the black wool that I need for a couple of projects. I picked up the miniture fridge that I spotted at David Jones. Don't really need it, but I didn't get myself anything with the bonus or for Christmas, so I got the fridge (and I have been looking for one of a while). I also managed to get an Avalanche machine (ice shaver). They'd been sold out for ages and I'd basically decided not to buy one, but then there it was, sitting all by itself, calling out for me to get it! Since we were planning cocktails for NYE tonight, I decided to get it as well. I was pretty tired when I got home, but I only got a quick rest cause we had to get ready to go out for NYE.

Before I'd gotten to David Jones, I'd had a bit of excitement. As I was walking from the Salvos, I spotted a man laying on the ground near a public phone. To be honest, I was in two minds about doing something but I went over asked if he needed any help. I could tell he'd been drinking and I asked him he needed an ambulance. He said yes, so I used the phone to call. I didn't know the cross street, and I knew that they could trace it from a landline. I waited, with another women for the ambulance. They only took a few minutes to get there. I had a quick chat with the ambos and they said I was right to go. I hope the guy is OK. At least he's somewhere safe.

Progress at 4 hours

Progress at 2 hours