23 January 2005

Collegia Done (Sort Of)

The collegia was today, well sort of. It's been typical weather for this time of year, totally unpredictable. It was raining when I left home but by the time I got the meeting it was sunny. Of course when a couple of people rang to ask if the event was on I said I wasn't sure, but that I would be there no matter what and see what people wanted to do (having a car does give one many more options!). So I got there and only a couple of people were interested. I think attendance was low due to the weather and the fact that there had been a big party the night before. Ah well, I will be more organised next week (I left the handouts at home).

I also managed to pick up some nice wool fabric from a newcome to our area. Not alot, but some nice mustard that I can use to make some trim.