22 January 2005

Preparations For Mask Collegia

I spent the making preparations for the mask collegia I am running tomorrow. I went to Spotlight to get some supplies. Not half face masks, only the full ones. But in the party decoration section I found a heap of cheap half masks 6 for $2. So when I got home, I grabbed some buckram, and tin foil. I foiled two of the masks, used a sprayer to wet the buckram and once it had loosened up a bit, I pushed it onto one of the masks, using it as a mold. I then put the other one on top. A mask sandwich! After a while, once the shape of the nose had set a bit, I took the top mask off and used a hair dryer to finish it off. Worked like a charm. So now I have a valid, period technique that I can show people that is really easy to do.