14 January 2005

Information on Medieval/Early Modern Mask

Our first Arts and Sciences competition for this year is a mask. So I've compiled a few resources and submitted them to our Baronial magazine. So I thought it might be worthwile in posting here.

Masks were used throughout the SCA period, and fulfilled many functions. Below are some useful links and references to research about masks. Please note, the spelling “masque” was also used in England to refer to an event where people dressed up and wore masks.

Some tips for finding information:

  • Was there a particular festival or occasion in the culture you are interested in that might have used masks in its celebration? Eg mumming at Christmas
  • Were masks used in combat?
  • Did masks serve a religious function? Eg Mystery plays, funerals
  • What materials were masks made out of? Eg, linen, leather, wood, plaster
  • Try looking in period literature Eg, lots of references to masks in Shakespeare, Spencer Dante, etc
  • Twycross, Meg and Carpenter, Sarah. Masks and Masking in Medieval and Early Tudor England. Ashgate Publishing Limited. England; 2002 ISBN 0-7546-0230-3