23 February 2005

Blue Coat Nearly Done

I got most of the lining on the blue coat done last night. The front seam is sewn in. I have pressed the sleeves ready for finishing. My main decision now is do I sew the bottom hem together or do I finish the front and back separately and let them hang like that??

The lining is quite slippery and sneaks forward when the coat is open. I am thinking of using some hemming tape to keep the lining in place. I don't want to stitch the front seam as the stithing really shows up on the fabric and I don't think that looks very good. I will have to see how it goes.

Once the blue one is done, I will get to work on the plum one. Since this is to be worn closed. If I run out of time, I can just skip putting the lining in. Though I know if I don't put it in now, it might never go in. The other thing I am thinking of doing is perhaps liking this one with cotton rather than the nasty silky acetate lining I have.

Any opinions?