1 March 2005

Cats and Frogs

I got home a bit early yesterday and decided it would be good to give the vet a call. We'd gotten out cat vacinnation update card a while ago and had been putting it off. So I decided to act. Rang the vet and was able to get an appointment for that evening. When we put the cats in the car you'd think they were being tortured. Cleo was OK until Pharaoh started meowing and then she started. Talk about noise, no way could it be described as cute. This continued at the vets but once they'd had the needle, they both calmed down!! Talk about drama queens. Fine when we got home.

The frogs for my Persian outfit (you know, the one I wore on SATURDAY) arrived today. I'd really rather they didn't arrive for a few more days, just on principle. They are slightly shinier than I thought they would be, but will still do the job. I will put them on the blue coat I think, as I am happy with the maroon one as it is.