6 March 2005

Deliverance Revisited

You could practically hear the banjo's in the background on the way to the engagement party. No, it really wasn't that bad. It only took about an hour and abit to get there but it really was a small place, maybe 12 houses, a RFS station and a hall. It wasn't a bad night, no drinking for me, as I was designated driver. We had plans for a big night, as we thought the hotel was over the road from the hall, but we were misinformed. We stayed to help clear up. Unfortunatly, that meant having to sit through a couple of minor domestics. Some people really shouldn't drink. I had to be careful driving back, everyone warned me to watch out for the kangaroos. But we didn't see any.

We went to Adam's aunts for breakfast when we go up today. Hung around for a little while and then headed home. I was exhausted. But I had to do more housework and then get ready for the class I said I would teach today at Sunday meeting on how to make tunics. Our big national event is coming up and there were a few new people who are thinking of coming and who have no clothes! It went OK, had three new people there.

Got home by 5.30 and was very unmotivated to do anything. Made tea and one of Adam's friends was going to come around with a DVD of Aliens vs Preditor. Unfortunatly, she didn't get there until 10.30 so we didn't get to bed to midnight. The movie was better than I'd heard.