16 April 2005

Royal Duties

My Baroness rang up last night and asked if I could act as a lady in waiting for Her Majesty during the Royal Visit this weekend. I said yes. I knew it would be hard work but are my poor feet complaining now!

The tourney was held in a local park and we set up the Royal area in the Rotunda. The list field was just below. Quite a good view, not that I got to see much of the fighting, too busy either running around or waiting to run around! There was a ball later in the evening, but there was enough of a gap that I decided to go home and then come back. I didn't change, as I didn't really have anything better to wear. More waiting and running around but I still had a good time, something different! Everyone seemed to enjoy the music and the dancing, which was nice.

We had a Royal Court, there were a few awards of various sorts given out and I was lucky enough to be inducted into the Order of the Lily, which is an Arts and Sciences award, so that was pretty cool. The token is a lovely enamelled medallion. I am trying to think of ways to convert it into jewellery.

Once Her Highness was gone, I beat a quick withdrawal, headed home and collapsed.