5 April 2005

Viking Hats

I started making my long planned Viking Hats last night. I got one finished while I was watching Wrestlemania XXI. I can't say its the best Wrestlemania ever, most of the matches were pretty ordinary, but there were a couple of good matches, and seeing Rowdy Roddy Piper again was a blast, especially teamed up with Stone Cold Steve Austin. And since we are going to see RAW on Friday night, watching it was pretty much obligatory.

Back to the hats. They are 6 basic pieces, sewn together. I am using an old grey blanket I got from the Op-Shop. I will be putting tablet woven bands around the brim. I will give them to the Baroness to then give out. I might keep one for myself as well! I should have image of the hat to post tomorrow, although it might be without the band, I haven't gotten one of them yet.