13 May 2005

Glue and Photos = Bad

This is mainly for Joanna. As far as retrieving photos that have been glued into albums, there are a couple of options. The first is a product called Un-du Adhesive Remover. This is a liquid product that you apply to the back of the photo (assuming you can lift a small section at the side). It dissolves the glue without harming the photo. However, it depends on the type of glue used to stick the photos down.

Another tip for removing photos from self-adhesive albums is to take the page out of the album and split the page in half, so that the front of the page and the back of the page are separated. Once this is done, use a hair dryer to heat the back for the photo. Do NOT heat the front of the photo. Do this slowly. It should "melt" the adhesive and allow its removal. You can use something like dental floss wiggled between the back of the photo and the page to remove the photo without bending it.

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