11 May 2005

Preparations for Scrapping WWII Album

By some weird convolution of events, my Dad's side of the family ended up with a photo album from WWII belonging to my Mum's Dad. It's been sitting there, ready for me to take it out of the toxic self-adhesive page album and put it into a nice black scrapbook album. Last night I got off my bum and did something about it. I started to scan each of the pages of the album in. My reasons for doing this are two fold. I will have a record of what photo went where and with what caption. Also, it gives me a back up scan of each of the images. Once I have all the pages scanned, I can start to get the photos out of the album. My next decision is what to do about the captions. They are hand written and I would like to keep them in some way. I am thinking about photocopying them onto acid free paper and using them in the new album. Might have to invest in the new Sizzix bookplate die.