25 June 2005


Adam came home this morning for a break, so I got a lift down the ferry and went shopping (got the money back from Dad for the car repairs). I checked out OfficeWorks, no cases there for the iPod. Lots of stuff for the mini, but nothing for the full size one.

I had a quick trip to the scrapbooking shop, picked up some paper for an iPod layout and some Making Memories paints.

Then got the bus into Hamilton and walked to the AppleCentre. No suitable cases there either but they did have the funky little Laser Pointer and Flashlight combo that I wanted to get Adam. So he has a present when he gets home.

When I got back to the Mall, there were camels walking past! They'd set up some camel rides for the kids. Boy, do those animals pong!!

I grabbed some lunch and went home. Pretty lazy afternoon, some house work. More playing with iPod.