4 April 2006

More Goldwork

I managed to get a bit more goldwork done last night. The boat is nearly finished. I am going to try and get it done by the weekend, incase I have to do some more. Which is looking likely.

Also today, had meeting at work about training and general staff development. As a result, I have to take 6 weeks leave by the end of July. So I have two weeks straight after Easter, then two more in June and two more in July. And that doesn't even tap into my long service leave. Work is really cracking down on accumalated leave, cause that is where most of the debt that got us into trouble has come from. So there are an awful lot of people with heaps of leave owing who now have to take it, no matter what their supervisors say. The accusation has always been that the individual has been hoarding leave, but they don't want to acknowledge that people have gotten so much leave because their supervisors will never give them permission to take it. So now instead of loosing people for a couple of weeks here and there. Some people are going to have to take months off at a time. Great management technique.