3 April 2006

The Tudor Tailor

This post is a bit of free advertising for a new book I just bought. It's called The Tudor Tailor and is fantastic. It's focused on Tudor dress (Henry VIII through to the death of Elizabeth I) and includes patterns for both men and women. It gives background to all aspects of clothing in this period and has detailed line drawings and patterns for a heap of clothes. If you do 16th Century costuming, I cannot recommend this book enough. As well as being excellent it's also extremely well priced.

I have started a Yahoo group to discuss the patterns and various issues related to them, so come on over if you are interested in joining. The Tudor Tailor Email list. I know there are other costuming lists that cover this period, but a couple are already getting annoyed about discussion focusing on this book, so I thought starting a group dedicated to it would be a better option and instead of having to keep track of discussion on 5 email lists, it could be focused one.