29 April 2006

New Outfit Complete

While necessary, sewing hooks and eyes is boring. I finished them up last night. Today I was totally unmotivated. I had a hard time getting all my stuff ready, I just wanted to sit in front of the tv and veg. I think I am all sewn out for these holidays, but I do have a complete new outfit that is getting very period. So that is good. I will leave the other couple of projects I planned for next break. But I got everything ready for the demo tomorrow. Lots of embroidery for show and tell and an easy project to work on. Got the jumbo hooks and eyes onto the fitted gown and pressed everything. Ironing makes a big difference. I also got most of the cat fur off all items. Having a ginger cat and a grey cat means you never win the battle of cat fur. So now I am going to watch boring tv, cause at the moment that sounds very attractive.