26 April 2006

Theories on Sleeve

Thanks to Susana for the idea about adding a gore to the top of the sleeve to add body. I think that might work. When you look at how the sleeve is decorated, there is a triangle shaped trim treatment. If you were to put in the triangle gore, this would reflect the seam lines! I can't try it on the current gown, as I'm past that bit (I have no patience!) but I might try it on the next one. The other part of the problem is that the sleeve doesn't let me lift my arm up to align with my shoulder. Should I widen the curve to get more movement? I wish I knew more about the mechanics of these types of things. Hem is done and trim cut out. I just have to overlock it, iron it and attach. I also gathered the skirt for the new dress. Hopefully, I will get the bodice pressed and the skirt attached today. That way, just small things to have it ready for the weekend. I promise photos!