9 July 2006

Mordenvale Baronial Birthday

Had fun at the Baronial Birthday at Tocal. We didn't have as many people as usual, but I still managed not to chat to everyone I wanted to! We had quite a few people come up from Rowany and Polit. Helene, you might need to cut down on the amount of red drink you are giving Hrothgar!! ;-)

The weather during the day was beautful, sunny and no wind. But cool enough for me to wear my nice wool outfit and not be too hot. Didn't do any good selling the various bits and pieces I had, but that is cool, I will just keep them for Spring War and Festival. I didn't get muching sewing done. I was also very lucky and honoured to receive a Baronial award, the Jade Annulet, which is for contributions to Arts and Sciences. Many other deserving members of the group were also given awards.

The one scheduled collegia went off well, very interesting (on Contraception in the Middle Ages) and we had about 10 people participate in that. I didn't watch any of fighting, but it sounded impressive! I only took one photo, which i will put up later.

The feast as usual was very yummy and neverending. You know you are doing well when people groan when you bring out another platter of food!! So after that, an hour or two infront of the fire, it was then off to a real bed, in a room with a heater for a very good nights sleep.