10 July 2006

Back At Work

I think I got up really early yesterday, because by the time I got up, got dressed, had yummy bacon and eggs for breakfast and helped do some of the cleaning up, I had left Tocal by just after midday.

When I got home I put all my stuff away (it is so nice actually being able to unpack gear when it has a place to go and isn't just chucked on the nearest empty surface, also makes packing for the next event much easier when you don't have to spend hours excavating each room to find things!). Did a bit of house work and then watched a few episodes of Odessy 5, a one season sci-fi series I picked up on DVD.

I was also ignored for a while by the cats who obviously weren't happy about being left for one night. Boy are they going to be mad when I'm gone for three nights!!