5 July 2006

New Tablecarpet Discovered at Hardwick Hall

From Spanier, Samson. "Hardwick puzzle solved.(National Trust News)(Maarten van Heemskerk's table carpet made in 1579 )(Brief article)." Apollo 163.530 (April 2006): 17(1).

A hodgepodge of 305 late-16th-century fragments of needlework at Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire, has been conserved and reassembled to recreate a seven-metre long table carpet made in 1579 for Bess of Hardwick. Made of coloured silks and metal-thread embroidery on a linen ground, the carpet depicts a field of grapes, cucumbers, animals (left) and insects, surrounded by a narrative border of Tobit, his son Tobias and the archangel Raphael. The reassembly was guided by the discovery that the embroidered designs are based on ten scenes engraved in 1556 by Maarten van Heemskerk.