31 July 2006

Tablet Weaving

Finally got myself organised and got Guye's garters sorted out. I am using tablet weaving to make Master Guye a set of Anglo-Saxon garters, well, they are tablet woven bands wrapped around the legs to keep trousers in place. I've got about a metre done, takes about one hour to do 20cm, so a fair way to go yet. But once I get them out of the way, I can go back to working on my stuff. Not that this project has been stopping me, just my own slackness. I had planned on sewing for several hours a day during my holidays, but I didn't sew a stitch!! But with two big projects on the frame, I have to get motivated and start working on them, or they will never get done in time for grading, either at Festival or some other time later. I really want these two projects out of the way.