30 August 2006

An Electrician or A Priest?

I sitting (well, laying) on the couch watching my new Battlestar Galactica DVD when all of a sudden there was a poping noise. This popping noise was the light globe coming out of the socket in the roof, falling on the coffee table and then landing on the floor. I watched the whole thing in slo-mo.

Now, I have an old house. But it was re-wired only 4 years ago. Why was it re-wired four years ago you ask? Because one night as we were watching tv, the same light fitting did a similar thing in that the entire light socket, bulb included, fused off the bottom of the wire it was attched to. So we got the place completely re-wired, including double the number of fuses necessary for a house this size and a new fuse box.

So why would I get a similar problem in the same light fitting after everything was supposedly replaced?

Do I need an electrician or a priest?

While the priest would be cheaper, I am going to try an electrican first. But it will have to wait awhile, so I will be using a desk lamp for a while.