29 August 2006

What Do You Mean The File Size Is Too Big? Online Photo Editing

Bloody Microsoft. I did some scans for someone, and thinking I could do the image manipulation at work, after testing the printout quality, I didn't shrink the images at home. So when I tried to open them using the default Microsoft image editing stuff, it said the files were too big. Now, they were pretty huge, that's why I wanted to shrink them, but who knew that would be a problem?

So I went for a bit of a search and found a helpful little site called Online Image Resizing at http://www.resize2mail.com. This site allows you to upload an image, and resize it using standard preset sizes. This allowed me to shrink them enough to tinker with them in PhotoEditor.

There is also a site called Preloadr that works with Flickr, where you can upload your files, then do a whole heap of image manipulations on them, including getting rid of red-eye. I couldn't get it to work, but I think that was because the files were too big.

For the non-Flickr users, there was a site that did similar things called Pxn8, again I had problems, but that could be image size. Very easy to use.

All these sites might come in handy if you need to do a bit of image manipulation but don't have the software on the machine you are using.