9 August 2006

How To Wear A Ruff?

This one is for Beth. I tried posting in her comments, but technology was against me.

I plan on wearing my ruff with both a normal square necked kirtle and with a doublet dress (which I will be making very soon, as I just got some teal wool off ebay, hope there is enough!).

I will tack the ruff to the collar of my blackwork shirt (part of the reason I made this with unruffled collar and cuffs). Same with the matching cuffs.

There are examples of the small ruffs like mine being worn with square necked kirtle (Bermondsey and Civitates Orbis Terrarum), either with high necked smock or with partlet. I prefer smocks, so that is the way I am going.

Or with the doublet dress (Bermondsey and Civitates Orbis Terrarum).

It is also worn with the fitted gowns (all of the above and Lucas de Heeres' Middle Class English women).

Also, shown worn both closed and open (Lucas de Heeres' Middle Class English women).

Just on the dress construction front, what do you use to give support/structure to say something like a doublet? I think I need a bit more body for my next project and I'm not sure what to use?