7 August 2006

Sweetbag - Some Progress

It was perfect sewing weather this weekend, raining on and off. So I cranked up the DVD player and got through just over half of the first season of Miami Vice. A good example of how dodgy memory could be. There were a couple of bits that I would've sworn on a Bible went one way, but which on re-watching were very different that what I remembered.

They've been playing the ad for the new Miami Vice movie. I have issues with Colin Farrell. On the pro side, Michael Mann is involved, so it should have the "feel" and I like the Linkin Park song they were also using, again, the right feel, on the con side, they're using a cover of "In the Air Tonight" instead of the original!! It would have been a very nice homage if they'd used the original.

I worked on the sweetbag. I wish I'd got this much done during my holidays. I must have needed the down time. So this is about 15 hours of work. New this session is the yellow flowers and I finished off all the leaves. I am thinking I might need two leaves, one in each of the bottom corners to balance the design, what do people think?