28 September 2006

Arts and Sciences at Spring War XII

I finally got the timetable for A&S at Spring War sorted out. No volunteers, so I will be running all the classes. For those interested, here at the class descriptions:

Five Basic Period Embroidery Stitches

This is two hour, hands-on class and will look at five basic period embroidery stitches used in the SCA period. It will look at where, when and how stitches were used as well as a hands on section to learn the five stitches. Materials will be supplied, but if you can, please bring a small embroidery hoop. Handout will be supplied.

Research - Don't Panic

This class looks at some techniques for doing research and presenting that research as an article or as documentation. Handout will be supplied.

Getting Started with Garb - T-Tunics

This class will cover the basics of rectangular construction of "T-Tunics". There will be practical demonstrations and examples of the technique. Handout will be supplied.

Clothing Symposium

This will not follow a class format, but will be a group symposium where participants will have the opportunity to show items they have completed or are working on. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions, get ideas and generally chat about clothing.

Embroidery On Clothing - Anglo-Saxon

This class will look at embroidery techniques used by the Anglo-Saxons and how it can be used with clothing. Includes finding appropriate design ideas, embroidery techniques and patterns. Handout will be supplied.

Basic Tabletweaving

This class will cover the basics of tablet weaving, including how to make cards, threading cards for weaving, pattern basics and weaving basics. A kit will be available for a small donation. Handout will be supplied.

Writing Documentation

This class will look at the issues around writing documentation and some hints on how to do it effectively. Handout will be supplied.