11 October 2006

Elizabethan Pattern - Gillyflower

Don't know if anyone is actually using these, but here is another one. It is a Gillyflower, from the late Elizabethan/early Stuart shirt held in the Warwick Museum. The original is worked in stem stitch and blanket stitch in red silk on linen ground. Feel free to use this pattern for personal use. Not for commerical or digital reproduction.


an online friend found yor page while we were all looking for a tutorial or somthing to help us work out how to do the same block that prompted you to work ...etcetcetc. point here is that i wandered off to other topics on your page, i quilt. but no matter what my interest or current needlework activities, i become involved w all the history that i can find on it. as i am reading along here wandering from one discussion to another w/in your blog i saw the comment "don't know if anyone is using thes..." tho no one has commented i am sure that your work of research, posting etc is not in vain. your blog is not in my "favorites" list...it is on my "reading" list here on my ipad. thank you for such great articles.