23 November 2006

It Was A Weird Afternoon

Bushfire, originally uploaded by laren_oz.

It had a bit of an apocalyptic flavour yesterday afternoon. This is the view from the front of my building at 4.30pm. It shouldn't be that dark for another 3 hours. The darkness is caused by smoke from bushfires both local and many hours drive away. Note the outside automatic lights have come on. There was so much smoke in the air it was making me cough.

Sky Without Bushfire

This is what it normally looks like at 5.30pm.

When I left for the day, I got to my car and it was covered in ash. I am definately going to have to wash it now. Then on the way home, I hit the island I have to drive over everyday and stopped just over the first bridge. Traffic was at a standstill. I found out via the radio that some power lines were down. Then I saw a fire engine behind me and I had to pull over. Luckily, while there is only one road across the island, there is a loop that services some of the industry. The powerlines were down on the main corner, but after the turnoff to the service road. So they were able to block off where the lines were down and divert around the service road. It's been years since I've been down there. Just about everyone from my suburb has been around that loop of road as it is the traditional "first driving lesson" area.

So while it took a bit longer, I got home safe and sound. And by about 6.30pm, it had cleared up and it was sunny and bright again.