15 February 2007

Woo Hoo!!! Festival 2008

"We need to announce that while we have had a very successful association with Crossroads Medieval Village for Rowany Festival 2008 and beyond we will be negotiating to hold the event at Glenworth Valley Horseriding Centre, Peats Ridge NSW."

After missing my third Festival in a row, next year is looking up. We had submitted this site, as it's only an hour away. And it looks like it's been accepted!!!!! So instead of 8 hours driving, some of it through Sydney, I now only have to drive an hour down the highway! I can day trip if I want, it's that close. I won't, but it means I can go, come back home and feed the cats, and then drive back. It will be a lot of driving, but it's doable! Hell, if I don't like the weather, I can drive home!! But again, not so cold there, so I won't have to. I just hope it doesn't fall through. I am so stoked.