26 July 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is my birthday. I'm 37.

And I am pissed. Someone has been going into the backyard of my house and poking my cats with sticks. As the ad goes, "Not Happy, Jan!".

I came home last night and the boy was being particularly annoying. And then Bubba used the cat litter trays. She NEVER uses the litter trays, she always uses the outside area. Then I found a bit of stick just inside the cat door of the cage. So I went out and checked the backyard. I thought the rickety old shed where Bubba likes to hang out might have collapsed a bit and this was why she wasn't going out there. But when I checked, I found my rake sticking out of the main cage. Some one had picked it up and poked it handle end first into the cage. I am assuming they were trying to get the cats. That would explain why they have both been so jumpy lately. I am going to try and get off early tomorrow and see what happens. I will be getting the Police involved if I have to.

It also makes me a bit suspicious of my electricity going off the other day, maybe it wasn't a power surge.


Happy Birthday indeed!

And may you find out who's tormenting your kitties. It's a good thing I"m not in charge or purgatory ....


And I hope your cats are OK. this sounds so creepy!

Happy birthday!! That's horrible about your cats... hope you catch the culprit!

Happy Birthday! :D

Hope you will get them and they will get the bill for what they have done :( - hope also that your cats are feeling better now.

Happy Belated Birthday!

I hope that by now you have found out who was pestering your cats. Bring them here...I willput them in a cage and poke sticks at them! Little twerps!